Interest rate securities - also known as hybrids - are exchange-traded instruments that combine some of the features of equity securities with some of the features of debt securities. Typically, they more closely resemble a debt instrument at the time of issuance, but may convert into equity at a pre-determined time in the future, or if certain conditions are satisfied. It is important to understand that not all instruments have the same terms and conditions, therefore careful consideration of each security is recommended. Ord Minnett offers accessible, plain language summaries of key terms for each security under research coverage.


Interest rate securities can be a valuable addition to a portfolio where, for example, volatility in the equity market has increased an investor’s level of risk aversion. Alternatively, conservative investors grappling with low interest rates can incrementally improve expected returns by incorporating interest rate securities in their strategy. An Ords Adviser is well equipped to advise on the optimal approach for each client, and to determine the suitability of these instruments within a broader asset allocation.


Ord Minnett clients have had the opportunity to participate in most of the more than 30 initial public offerings of interest rate securities made over the last five years. Ord Minnett maintains solid, long-term relationships with a range of premium issuers. Advisers have the opportunity to meet with company management on a regular basis, and also have access to market-leading research.

Significant Investor Visa & Premium Investment Visa

Ord Minnett’s team of Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Investment Specialists help SIV applicants to establish and maintain compliant and safe SIV investment solutions. Our SIV and Premium Investor Visa (PIV) solutions are transparent, flexible, and tailored to investors personal risk profile. The expertise of our SIV Investment Team make Ord Minnett the ideal partner to assist with your move to Australia. Our research capabilities and investment insights guide you to build and protect your family’s wealth for generations to come.


Ords provides investment solutions for all categories that qualify for SIV - Venture Capital and Growth Private Equity Funds (VCPE), Emerging Companies and all SIV balancing investment options. Investments are administered through an Investor Directed Portfolio Service (IDPS) which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), as permitted under SIV and PIV legislation. Ords also provides bespoke investment solutions for all eligible investment categories that qualify for the Premium Investor Visa.


Key benefits of dealing with the Ord Minnett team of experts include: 


  • Our ongoing investment process enables us to determine the appropriate investment selection
  • Macro-economic reviews ensures investment strategies are current
  • Determine appropriate asset allocation
  • Research process to shortlist qualifying investments
  • Portfolio construction and investment selection
  • Portfolio monitoring

Over time investment markets and SIV and PIV legislation will go through many changes. Our advice will keep up with change to ensure you are appropriately invested to help protect your capital and investment performance.


Contact our SIV and PIV specialists for more information.