Australian Shares

Ord Minnett has a rich Australian stockbroking legacy that dates back to 1872. Today, our team of over 200 Private Client Advisers continues this tradition, sourcing the best share portfolio opportunities for our private wealth clients to leverage on the local stock market. As a leading full-service stockbroker, we dedicate the resources needed to help clients build an investment portfolio best suited to their financial objectives. With a corporate history spanning over 145 years, Ords is a trusted financial advisory firm and iconic Australian stockbroker. 

The Direct Investment Specialists

Shares are the cornerstone of most investment and superannuation portfolios and Ord Minnett is known as the direct investment specialist. Our Advisers construct an investment strategy that ensures you have a mix of Australian equities that best meet your financial objectives and timing; whether those be dividend yield, capital growth or a combination of the two.


With a focus on the longer term horizon, our extensive research coverage of core companies listed on the ASX, combined with access to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through our Corporate Finance Team provide Ords clients with a true investor advantage.

Rigorous Analysis

The specialist Research Teams at Ord Minnett produce rigorous analysis that your Ords Adviser distills into a shortlist of suggested Australian shares that are closely aligned to your long-term goals and risk profile. This will include the stocks necessary to give you sufficient diversification within your Australian share portfolio in different sectors of growth. Ords clients can also access market analysis of daily trends through our twice daily research bulletins – Opening Bell and Closing Bell.

The Right Balance

Australia’s historically high dividend payouts can no longer be taken for granted, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, as well as recommending the most appropriate income stocks for your portfolio, your Ords Adviser will also suggest the optimum mix of these and growth stocks. More importantly, Ords Advisers regularly rebalance your portfolio to account for macroeconomic factors that affect your yield and performance.

Experience Peace of Mind

As an Ord Minnett client, access to our daily research and bespoke advice coupled with our experience of both the good times and the bad times, means that you have the reassurance of our track record to guide you - a dynamic portfolio that responds to changes in not only the markets but also your personal situation.


Contact an Ords Private Client Adviser today to profit from their experience in the Australian sharemarket.