Financial Planning Services

Ord Minnett’s Financial Planning (OMFP) network of specialist, qualified planners provides clients with the best bespoke advice in the marketplace, aligned to their unique financial and lifestyle goals. The qualifications, experience and teamwork of OMFP ensures clients receive proven financial strategies, while Ords' technical expertise allows clients to structure and build their wealth in a manner compliant with ever changing superannuation legislation and ATO rulings.

Our Specialist Services

At OMFP we offer comprehensive and strategic financial guidance that considers your needs, investment objectives and tolerance for risk. Our planners’ close working relationship with our proprietary research teams and in-house IT and portfolio administrative services professionals ensures that we can offer clients the unique personalised service and functional expertise of Ord Minnett. At OMFP we provide specialist financial planning advice on:


  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Superannuation and SMSF
  • Retirement planning
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Effective risk management
  • Asset allocation
  • Estate planning
  • Establishing foundations
  • Insurances for income protection
  • Redundancy benefits

A Professional and Ethical Philosophy

OMFP are committed to increasing a client’s personal wealth through sound financial planning strategies and innovative financial solutions. We are constantly scrutinising new legislation, and in particular superannuation legislation, to ensure our clients are given every opportunity to legally optimise their financial position. Our professionalism and independence, combined with Ord Minnett’s rigorous system of quality control, ensure the accuracy and integrity of our comprehensive advice.

Each Investor is Unique

We understand that people look for a strategic financial planner to build their wealth for a variety of reasons. In today’s hectic environment many of us are time poor and seek the knowledge of a financial professional to manage an investment portfolio, superannuation or even an unexpected inheritance effectively.


Some investors have a complex financial situation that may have arisen from unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy or divorce, or are simply transitioning to retirement. An Ords Financial Planner has the expertise and resources to guide you through a logical advisory process, appropriate to your individual circumstances and goals. 

A Logical Advisory Process

Our advisory process is transparent and structured so there are no surprises along the way:


1. An initial meeting

An initial meeting with an Ord Minnett Financial Planner to listen and discuss your financial situation, lifestyle, plans for the future and investment objectives.


2. A financial profile

Your Adviser creates a concise financial profile, with a special focus on your attitude to risk.


3. Creating your personal financial plan

Your Adviser will create a plan known as a statement of advice which defines your optimum investment strategy and uses asset allocation models to indicate what level of risk might be suitable for you.


4. Implementing your plan

We implement the agreed plan on your behalf, liaising with your accountants, lawyers and other parties where necessary to set up the appropriate structure. The plan is tailored to meet investment goals and objectives such as:


  • Optimising wealth accumulation
  • Optimising retirement income
  • Creating tax efficiency
  • Ensuring lifestyle objectives are met.

5. Formal reviews

Market and economic factors can unexpectedly change and have a bearing on investment returns.


At agreed intervals, your planner may recommend adjustments to your portfolio to ensure that your investment and financial strategies remain on track, and are aligned to meeting your portfolio performance expectations.


We invite you to invest the time with an experienced Ords Financial Planner, all of whom share a commitment to ongoing service excellence, advice and tailored investment solutions.