International Shares

A World of Opportunities

The Australian share market accounts for a mere 3% of global equities by market capitalisation and is overweight in some sectors (such as commodities and financial services) while being underweight in others (technology and healthcare). Investing in international shares though the Ord Minnett International Service (OMIS) allows you to access those opportunities which are unavailable at home and thereby diversify your portfolio. 

Ord Minnett International Service (OMIS)

Ord Minnett provides a simple and comprehensive international trading service that lets you take advantage of investment opportunities in global markets.


OMIS gives Ords clients access to shares listed on all the major stock markets around the world, including the United States and its high-tech NASDAQ, Europe, Japan and emerging economies across the globe; key indices including the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, the FTSE 100, the Nikkei and the DAX.


Our clients can execute trades across all major asset classes on international stock exchanges, with the security provided by one of the world’s leading trading and settlement systems, Pershing LLC.


Through OMIS, our clients can access the tailored investment advice needed to diversify their portfolio and easily invest across:


  • International equities
  • International exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Fixed interest
  • Foreign exchange.

Key Features of OMIS

  • Individual advice through an Ord Minnett Adviser and tailored investment solutions
  • Access to a wide and diverse range of global securities and markets
  • All securities are held in fully disclosed custody accounts
  • Regular updates of your holdings
  • All buy and sell orders can be settled from your nominated Australian bank account
  • Online access to trade confirmations and statements.

Benefits of OMIS

  • Diversification by investing in international shares, you can diversify your exposure to different economic circumstances, including economic and investment cycles.
  • Greater choice on investment options investors you can gain greater exposure to industries and sectors under-represented in Australia.

  • More control of your investment portfolio  you can invest directly in the shares of the world's largest companies including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle and other blue-chip stocks.

  • Efficient delivery and storage of client communications you will receive your client communications via OMIS online and can also access historic information including account statements and trade confirmations.

Discover Global Investing

Access global share markets OMIS clients can access shares listed on major markets in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and various emerging markets across the globe. Your Ords Adviser has direct access to listed shares across all major international exchanges including:


  • US – New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ
  • United Kingdom – London Stock Exchange
  • Japan – Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Canada – Toronto Stock Exchange

Trade through your own US account – once you register as an OMIS client with your Adviser, Ord Minnett will open a US account on your behalf. Settlement of all your international trades is conducted through Pershing’s US cash account. Ords can organise transfers of funds between your Pershing cash account and any nominated account associated with your Australian equities trading account.


Foreign exchange  Ord Minnett will settle your foreign exchange obligations using your existing Australian bank account. You can also keep foreign currencies in your trading account for use at a later date.