Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service (PARS)

The Ord Minnett Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service (PARS) is a core portfolio management service that provides clear, accurate and timely investment information, and via its administrative capabilities, allows you and your Adviser to manage your investments more effectively. 

Key Features

PARS enables your Adviser to provide you with access to Ord Minnett’s extensive resources and investor benefits through a single wealth-management service that relieves you of the administrative burden associated with managing an investment portfolio. PARS includes a range of features that ensures you and your Adviser have the information and best possible support to make informed investment decisions at all times.


These features include:


  • Efficient “hassle free” portfolio administration
  • Portfolio reviews and regular reporting
  • Tax reporting at year-end
  • Access to industry-leading research
  • Access to exclusive private client offers from our Funds Management and Corporate Finance teams
  • Password-protected on-line access to your portfolio
  • Tax-deductible fees in most cases

Using PARS, your Ords Adviser will review your holdings, asset allocation and portfolio performance according to your agreed strategies, investment and lifestyle objectives.


You will be provided with the best investment advice at all times as a direct result of the transparency of your situation. With 24 hour online access and a quarterly ‘Report Pack’, you and your Adviser will always have access to the most comprehensive information on which to base your investment decisions.