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With a focus on diversification, our advisers blend expertise, insight, and strategy to turn your investments into valuable assets.

Our Approach

When you embark on your investment journey with Ord Minnett, you’ll enjoy our comprehensive investment approach where our advice goes beyond crafting well-balanced investment portfolios.

Our comprehensive investment approach bases recommendations on your goals, risk tolerance and future needs. We help you navigate the financial landscape effortlessly with streamlined efficiency and transparent reporting on your investments. From shares, bonds, term deposits, access to pre-market and wholesale opportunities and more, we tailor to your financial aspirations, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your wealth.

Backed by Ord’s seasoned advisers and a legacy of more than 150 years, we customise investment strategies that account for your distinct circumstances, goals, and risk appetite.

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Asset allocation

Constructing your portfolio with a focus on diverse asset allocation is fundamental to protecting and growing your wealth.

Carefully considered diversification will not only reduce risk but also provide a more stable growth profile, while providing investors with resilience in varying market conditions.

To prudently manage investment risk, the construction of a strategically diversified portfolio can blend various asset classes, including:

● Cash:
Highly liquid, low volatility, a ready source for investment opportunities and safety during volatile periods.
● Fixed-interest securities: Reliable income generating investments, they offer consistent returns with lower risk.
● Shares: The backbone of many portfolios. Shares offer high potential returns including capital and income, while with higher risk they represent a long-term investment option.
● Property: A tangible asset that generates income from rents and leases, together with the potential for capital gains.
● Alternative assets: Assets that fall outside the realm of traditional investments, they provide potential benefits through diversification, higher return potential and possible inflation protection.

When partnering with Ords, we will advise on an appropriate asset allocation for your circumstances to ensure we optimise returns while remaining resilient in market turbulence.

Ord Minnett Investment Portfolios

We understand no two clients’ journeys are the same, which is why we offer a range of investment portfolios with varying opportunities and risk.

At Ords, we manage seven unique investment portfolios, which are constructed and managed by Ord Minnett’s Investment Analysts in our Research Team whose job it is to investigate local and global investment opportunities.

These investment portfolios provide distinct opportunities in Australian core equities, emerging companies, listed interest rate securities, international equities, responsible investing, together with multi-asset solutions for investors with balanced and higher growth risk profiles.

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Portfolio administration

When you’re focused on your investments and growing your portfolio, it’s easy to forget about the necessary and often time-consuming administration, especially when it comes to tax time.

Ords can provide clear, accurate and timely investment portfolio administration, which allows you and your Ords Adviser to manage your investments more effectively.

We offer three solutions for your needs, which include a Unified Management Account, Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service, and an Online Administration and Reporting Service.

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Investment options

While many know the key to a successful investment portfolio is often diversification, it is still important to know where and how much money you should invest in each type of investment.

This is where the value of advice can be priceless. Working with your financial adviser, or a Private Wealth Adviser as we call them at Ords, we can help you determine which asset classes and investments your money should be invested in.

We provide clients with a range of options, including direct shares, bonds, term deposits, fixed interest, private capital funds and more. We even have a Cash Management Trust, a high interest, online cash account to manage investment transactions so you or your adviser can seize opportunities as they arise.

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Discover the best opportunities to outperform the market. Our research team dig deep into the market, company and stock data to bring you insights others might overlook.

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