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Providing investment advice to ensure your super works as hard as you do.

Saving for a super future

The one consistent in work life is paying into superannuation. Whether you are 5, 10 or 20 years from retirement, seeking financial advice on where your super should be invested will ensure your super works as hard as you do to grow your long-term wealth.

At Ord Minnett, we see advising on your superannuation as more than financial guidance. It’s a partnership. Every Private Wealth Adviser is dedicated to forging lasting relationships, tailoring your super to meet your unique needs and delivering solid investment opportunities to help grow your wealth, all backed by quality research.

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Superannuation simplified

In the journey of securing our financial future, superannuation stands as a cornerstone. With over 15.6 million Australians actively investing in their super savings, comprising a staggering $3.3 trillion in the asset pool, it’s a testament to the importance placed on super providing for a secure financial future.

As everyone’s career, life and financial demands are different people should not have a cookie cutter approach to super. Seeking a tailored approach, as unique as you are, will ultimately yield greater results. Having expert advice is the game-changer. It will empower you to strategically navigate which super options are best for you so you can think about your financial future with confidence.

Superannuation offers significant benefits:

Tax-Effective Savings

Grow your nest egg faster with the power of compounding and concessional taxed contributions. Your Ords financial adviser will be able to guide you on when and how much you should be contributing to your super.

Long Term Investment

Time is your friend. Superannuation allows you to invest long term, smoothing out stock market fluctuations and maximising returns. Your Ords adviser will be able to help you choose a superannuation fund that meets your risk appetite and financial goals, so you can decide whether a conservative, balanced or growth option is right for you. What’s right may change at different points in your life, your Ords adviser knows super is not a set and forget investment, it’s about aligning the underlying investments and investment strategy to suit your life stage.

Insurance Options

Super funds generally offer insurance coverage such as income protection, life and disability insurance that you can pay for out of your superannuation rather than your hip pocket. Your Ords adviser can help you determine what level of insurance is right for your situation and family status.

Retirement Security

Around 16 million Australians have a super account but more than 4.5 million Australians could be forced to keep working beyond retirement age because they won’t have enough money in their super to support their lifestyle. Super is compulsory savings to help people build a comfortable retirement income but many people underestimate how much money they will need in retirement. Your Ords adviser will be able to help you determine how much you should be putting into super depending on your age, career outlook, other investments and situation, to take the worry out of whether you will ‘have enough’.

Sit back and relax with our Managed Super Funds

Unlock the benefits of a managed super fund with Ord Minnett. Our selection of managed super funds provide a hands-off approach to growing your wealth.

Managed by seasoned professionals who navigate market complexities, you’ll benefit from a wide range of diversified investment options, offering flexibility and risk mitigation.

Ord Minnett’s Unified Managed Account (UMA) elevates this experience by combining superannuation tax benefits with unparalleled convenience as your Ord Minnett adviser navigates which funds are best suited to your goals.

What is a Managed Super Account?

A Managed Super Account is a professionally managed superannuation account. It grants you access to a full suite of superannuation tax benefits without onerous trustee responsibilities. Ideal for those seeking convenience with expert management and diversification across various investment options.

Benefits of a Managed Super Account

Maximise superannuation tax benefits

Leverage the tax-effective environment of superannuation to grow your retirement savings significantly.

Expert management

Leave investment decisions to our experienced fund managers, freeing you to focus on your priorities.

Investment options

Choose from over 500 ASX-listed securities, ETFs, wholesale managed funds, and curated model portfolios to build a well-balanced portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Unparalleled convenience

Manage your account with ease through our secure 24/7 online access via the Ord Minnett website or UMA App.

Comprehensive Reports

Stay informed with customised reports that offer clear insights into your portfolio performance and progress.


Personal Super Plan: Unleash the potential of a flexible and tax-effective superannuation plan, offering investment options tailored to your unique financial goals.

Pension Plan: Seamlessly transition into retirement with our account-based and transition to retirement pension plan, transforming your superannuation savings into a secure and flexible income stream.

Secure your financial future

Opt for comprehensive insurance coverage, including life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD), and income protection insurance, for added peace of mind.

Take control with a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) offers a unique superannuation option for investors seeking choice and flexibility. If you desire autonomy and want a hands-on approach to creating your financial future, Ord Minnett can assist you with SMSF fund set up and ongoing management.

Benefits of partnering with Ords for Self-Managed Superannuation:

Setting up and managing an SMSF can be complex due to the associated legal and compliance responsibilities and sheer volume of investment choices available. Thankfully, Ord Minnett can handle the entire process, from SMSF set up to ongoing administration, ensuring a straightforward experience.

If navigating the complexities of investments feels like venturing into uncharted waters, our advisers are here to assist. From assessing your risk profile to diversifying your investments and guiding you through compliance obligations, your Ords adviser becomes your partner in simplifying the process. This support allows you to concentrate on building a secure financial future without also feeling overwhelmed by the process of managing an SMSF.

What is an SMSF?

A personally managed super fund distinct from industry and retail super funds, established exclusively for providing retirement benefits. Allows up to four members, usually friends or family. Members take on the role of trustees, involving significant responsibility. The option for a corporate trustee is also available.

Benefits of an SMSF?

Enhanced control

Enjoy autonomy and control over investment strategies

Retirement income potential

Seize the opportunity to achieve secure retirement income

Estate and succession planning

Strategically plan with provisions for beneficiaries

Tax-effective environment

Transfer holdings into a generally more tax-efficient environment

Property ownership

For business owners, the potential to acquire business premises

Navigating Trustee Duties

Maximising member returns

Trustees are responsible for ensuring the fund operates solely to deliver retirement benefits. Ords advisers assist with SMSF guidance. Striving to optimise returns for members while acknowledging and managing various risks

Appropriate diversification

Achieving a balanced and suitable level of diversification for fund stability

Providing retirement income

Ensuring the SMSF can provide income to members upon retirement, addressing financial obligations associated with continued fund management

Safeguarding responsibilities

Diligently aligning all investment decisions with the documented investment strategy. In instances of uncertainty, seeking investment advice or appointing an investment manager in writing is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the SMSF purpose and operations

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