Investment Portfolios

From Australian and international equities to high growth and responsible options, Ord Minnett has a selection of portfolios to cater to your investment or Superannuation needs.

Our Approach

Identifying small and large quality stocks trading below their inherent value is what our investment analysts continually strive to do for clients. These analysts from our in-house research team build, manage and continually review our seven investment portfolios.

Ord Minnett’s portfolios cater to diverse financial goals and risk tolerances, providing distinct opportunities in Australian core equities, emerging companies, listed interest-rate securities, international equities and responsible investing, as well as multi-asset solutions.

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Ord Minnett’s Investment Portfolios

Australian Core Equities Portfolio

A portfolio for investors seeking the long-term growth potential of Australian companies for a steady dividend income, with a large amount of franking credits, while being comfortable with some investment risk.

Here’s what this portfolio offers:

  • Exposure to top Australian companies: Invest in a diversified selection of ASX-listed stocks representing the core of the Australian economy

  • Income generation: Receive regular dividend payouts from your investments, providing a steady stream of income

  • Long-term growth potential: Benefit from the potential capital appreciation of Australian shares over time

This portfolio is ideal for investors who:

  • Have a five-year or longer investment horizon

  • Understand that the stock market involves inherent risks, including potential losses

  • Seek a balance between growth and income from their investments

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Australian Emerging Companies Portfolio

If you’re looking for outsized returns from smaller companies, the Ord Minnett Australian Emerging Companies Portfolio might be your launchpad. This portfolio is designed for investors seeking to harness the growth potential of Australia’s rising stars.

Here’s what sets this portfolio apart:

  • Focus on emerging leaders: Own a select group of ASX-listed companies poised for significant expansion

  • High-growth potential: Benefit from the dynamic growth often seen in emerging companies, aiming to outpace the broader market

  • Active management: Experienced portfolio managers carefully select investments, leveraging their expertise to navigate market shifts

  • Long-term vision: This portfolio is built for a 5+ year horizon, allowing companies time to mature and unlock their full potential

This portfolio is ideal for investors who:

  • Have a higher tolerance for risk, understanding that emerging companies can be volatile

  • Possess a long-term investment perspective, focusing on potential over short-term fluctuations

  • Believe in the future of Australian innovation and want to be part of the next wave of success stories

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Australian Listed Interest Rate Securities Portfolio

This portfolio’s objective is to outperform the Bank Bill Index over a three-year period. It generates a reliable income stream from a portfolio of quality listed interest rate securities, while striving to preserve (and grow where appropriate) the capital value of the portfolio.

The portfolio is designed with the following characteristics:

  • The portfolio is for investors seeking a primarily income-based return from a portfolio of quality securities issued by financially sound Australian companies

  • Investors should be able to utilise franking credits in their investment portfolio and returns

  • Suitable investors should be able to tolerate some investment risk

  • Investors should seek to achieve expected returns over a minimum three-year horizon

  • Income will be distributed to investors at the time it is paid by the companies issuing the securities

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Responsible Equities Portfolio

Suppose you want to make money while making a positive impact. In that case, the Ord Minnett Responsible Equities Portfolio lets you align your investments with your values while seeking long-term growth and income.

This portfolio is designed for you if:

  • You want to support sustainable Australian companies committed to environmental, social, and good governance practices

  • You believe in companies that operate responsibly and ethically

  • You seek steady income through dividends alongside potential capital appreciation

  • You have a long-term investment horizon (5+ years) and understand the inherent risks of the market

Here’s what sets this portfolio apart:

  • Responsible investing framework: Carefully selects companies that prioritise positive environmental, social, and governance impacts

  • Competitive performance: Aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 100 Industrials (TR) Index over five years

  • Experienced management: A team of experts navigates the market to select promising companies

  • Regular income: Receive regular dividend payouts from your investments

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International Equities Portfolio

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio beyond Australian shores? The Ord Minnett International Equities Portfolio unlocks access to promising companies in major global markets.

Here’s what this portfolio offers:

  • Global reach: Invest in larger, established companies listed in the US, UK, Europe, and developed Asia

  • Complementary exposure: This portfolio complements your Australian equities holdings by targeting sectors and companies not readily available locally

  • Currency diversification: Gain exposure to foreign currencies, further diversifying your investment portfolio

  • Long-term growth potential: Benefit from the growth potential of established international companies over time

This portfolio is ideal for investors who:

  • Seek to diversify their investments beyond the Australian market

  • Understand the inherent risks of investing in international markets, including currency fluctuations

  • Have a medium- to long-term investment horizon

  • Are Australian resident taxpayers

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Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio

Are you seeking consistent wealth creation without assuming too much risk? The Ord Minnett Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio might be your perfect compass. This actively managed portfolio strategically blends income generation and capital growth, catering to investors with a medium to long-term outlook.

Why choose this portfolio?

  • Diversification across asset classes: Australian and international equities, fixed income, cash, as well as property and infrastructure offer a well-rounded approach

  • Balanced income and growth: Regular dividends and interest payments complement potential capital appreciation over time

  • Expertly managed: Seasoned professionals actively adjust the asset allocation to seize market opportunities and optimise returns

  • Moderate risk profile: This portfolio targets medium-high risk tolerance, suitable for investors comfortable with potential volatility for potentially higher returns

Is this your ideal investment strategy?

  • Consider yourself a moderately risk-tolerant investor seeking a balance between income and growth

  • Your investment horizon stretches medium- to long-term, allowing the portfolio’s strategy to unfold

  • You understand that investments involve inherent risks, but aim to outperform the RBA cash rate + 2.5% over five years (net of fees)

  • You acknowledge the estimated 3 in 20 chances of experiencing a negative annual return

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