Investment Options

From Australian and International shares to ETPs, bonds, term deposits and more, our clients have a wealth of options when it comes to investing.

Our Approach

When constructing an investment portfolio, clients are faced with a wealth of choice, which includes varying degrees of risk and potential returns. This highlights the value of advice which your financial adviser, or Private Wealth Adviser as we call them at Ords, can bring to your portfolio’s success. By working with your adviser, we can help tailor your investment choices to your financial position, short or long-term goals, all while aligning your them to your risk appetite.

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Australian and International Shares

There are more than 2,800 companies listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) and tens of thousands listed globally, which highlights the value of professional financial advice. With so much choice, our clients gain access to timely market insights generated by our in-house research teams, which help our advisers and clients make informed decisions.

With origins dating back to 1872, Ord Minnett has been a leading advice and investment firm, originally building its foundations as a stockbroker. With our experience and insight, we have developed a reputation for excellence in the field of stockbroking.

Australian shares
As an Australian grown company, Ords specialises in local equities. Our research teams dig deep into company data to find undervalued stocks, from emerging companies to mid-caps through to Australia’s largest businesses.

Clients of Ords enjoy access to daily research reports as well as market analysis through our research bulletins – Opening Bell and Closing Bell, keeping you informed about daily trends. When you work with our advisers, they will assist you in creating a portfolio of Australian shares that align closely with your long-term goals and risk profile.

International shares
Diversification stands out as a key advantage when investing in international markets. By allocating your investments across various countries and regions, you reduce your vulnerability to the risks associated with any single market.

Getting started with international investing is made seamless with the Ord Minnett International Service (OMIS). This comprehensive international share trading service empowers you to access investment opportunities across major global stock markets, including America’s influential NASDAQ, Europe, Japan, and emerging economies, encompassing key indices like the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, Nikkei, and the DAX.

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Exchange-Traded Products(ETPs)

ETPs are products traded on an exchange, such as the ASX, which invest in a variety of securities. There are varying types of ETPs, each with varying benefits and risks, and include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Managed Funds (ETMFs) and Structured Products (SP).

ETFs are the most common type of ETP. ETFs hold a group of different securities in one fund, which aims to track the trajectory of a particular sector or index traded on the stock exchange.

ETFs offer a streamlined path to diversification as investors gain exposure to a range of stocks, bonds, commodities or other assets. Whether it’s a specific industry or a global market index, ETFs can provide clients with a convenient way to spread risk.

The advantages of investing in ETFs include:
• Lower cost: Management fees can be significantly lower than other forms of professionally managed investments or buying the underlying assets directly.
• Liquidity: Unlike managed funds, ETF’s can be traded throughout the day.
• Diversification: Cost-effective way to diversify portfolios across asset classes by allowing an investor to buy a basket of securities in a single trade.
• Tax Effective: ETFs are relatively more tax-effective than actively managed funds as they tend to have lower portfolio turnover which often minimises the capital gains generated on the portfolio.

ETPs are suitable for investors who want diversification and flexibility at a lower cost, however it’s important to understand they do not provide guaranteed returns. We recommend you speak with one of our financial advisers to determine if investing in ETPs aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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Fixed Interest

In the ever-shifting landscape of investments, finding stability and reliable returns can be akin to discovering a hidden gem. Enter fixed-interest investments – the unsung heroes of many successful investment portfolios. Term deposits, bonds, and floating rate notes, collectively known as fixed-interest products, are pivotal in helping investors achieve their financial goals.

Lower risk fixed-interest investments act as a stabilising force in times of market turbulence, providing a reliable source of income. Offering a higher interest rate than transactional bank accounts, fixed interest investments are also a smart way to combat inflation.

Many investors, including SMSF holders, retirees, trusts, corporates and fund managers use fixed interest as a way of boosting income in their overall investment portfolio.

Ords offers a range of fixed interest investments including bonds, term deposits and listed interest rate securities. Listed interest investments are traded on the stock exchange making them more liquid (easily accessible) than other fixed term products.

Our regular appointment as a joint manager on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the listed interest market means our clients also have priority access to new interest issues, adding timely diversity to clients’ portfolios.

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Bonds deliver predictable income with lower risk to your capital.

Banks, companies and governments issue bonds as a way of raising funds and upon purchase, they are legally obligated to pay interest and repay the bond’s face value at maturity.

The Ord Minnett Wholesale Bond Service is exclusively accessible to qualified Sophisticated and Professional investors. You can start by investing in bond type or, for a diversified portfolio, we recommend investing in at least five. To determine what’s right for you we recommend you speak with one of our Private Wealth Advisers.

Getting Started
Minimum Investment: Available to qualified Sophisticated and Professional investors. Individual bond minimum investment: $50,000. Recommended diversified portfolio: at least five bonds, totaling $250,000.
Custody Fee: A nominal fee of 0.05% per annum on the value of bond holdings. Calculated monthly and debited quarterly, ensuring transparent and affordable portfolio management.
Reporting: Access the secure online Client Portal for Wholesale Bond Services. Track portfolio valuations, market data, and utilise forecasting tools for informed decision-making.

Download our Wholesale Bonds Application Form today and get started.

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Hybrids, also known as interest rate securities, are a popular diversification investment vehicle for clients as they include an income stream and typically provide a higher yield when compared to bonds.

Hybrids are exchange-traded instruments that blend features of debt securities, like bonds, and equity securities, such as stocks.

Ords recommends hybrids to investors who are looking to receive a steady income stream, which can offer a higher level of return than term deposits, however they come with a higher level of risk.

Why invest in hybrids?
• Receive an income stream for a pre-determined period, with cash flows dependent on the hybrid structure
• Improve the return on your capital
• Vary the risk profile of your overall portfolio
• Profit from anticipated movements in interest rates or equity prices• Utilise the franking credits attached to distributions on hybrids

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Cash Management Trust (CMT)

The current CMT rate is [auto feed]% p.a.

Built for investors, our CMT is a transaction account which allows you to earn a higher interest rate on cash you’re keeping for investment opportunities. Park investment funds until an opportunity arises and earn a competitive return along the way.

With our CMT, you or your Ord’s adviser can efficiently orchestrate trades, settle equity purchases with a click, receive distributions promptly, and transfer funds effortlessly, even on your phone. Your money enjoys an interest rate that outperforms most ’at call’ transaction bank accounts.

Our CMT is a transactional cash account to manage investment cash flows, with 24/7 online access whilst earning higher interest.
• Competitive rate of return
• Capital stability & liquidity
• No account keeping fees
• Online 24/7 Account Access
• BPAY facility
• Full visibility and control

To open a new CMT, you can download the PDF and application form below

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Term Deposits

Term deposits offer the certainty of a fixed interest rate over a fixed period (term). They are popular with investors seeking low risk regular income or wanting to park cash over a fixed period whilst enjoying a higher interest rate than a transactional bank account.

The investment terms for term deposits range from one month to five years, giving you flexibility to choose how long you invest for. With a minimum investment of $100,000, Ords offers a range of competitive term deposits from various banks and approved deposit taking institutions, including exclusive rates as they become available.

Term deposits are covered by government guarantees up to specified amounts, which your Private Wealth Adviser can advise you on. On maturity, you can instruct your adviser to withdraw your funds or renew your term deposit for another term. Alternatively, your adviser can reinvest your funds with an alternate bank offering the most competitive interest rate at that time.

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Margin Lending

In the right hands, investment lending is a powerful tool for diversifying your assets and accelerating wealth creation.

Margin Lending allows you to borrow money which you use, in addition to your own money, to invest in various investments. These include shares, ETFs and managed funds, allowing you to potentially amplify returns.

While margin lending gives the potential for investors to increase their gains in a rising share market, any form of borrowing to invest also increases risks, that is, the potential of magnifying losses.

That’s why margin lending is typically used by more experienced investors and it’s incredibly important to work with your financial adviser, or Private Wealth Adviser as we call them at Ords, to ensure you’re making sound investment decisions.

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Managed Funds

A managed fund is a type of investment vehicle that pools money from multiple investors and uses these funds to purchase a portfolio of investment assets such as shares or bonds. When someone buys units in a managed fund, they gain part-ownership of all the underlying assets the fund owns.

A managed fund portfolio is managed by a professional fund manager who makes investment decisions based on the fund’s objective.

Ords maintains an approved list of managed funds that provide a convenient solution to access a range of investment strategies run by quality managers across all asset classes.

Some key points about managed funds include:
• Diversification: Managed funds provide excellent diversification as they invest in many securities and market sectors at once. This diversification helps manage portfolio risk.
• Professional management: Managed funds make expertly managed funds available to regular investors for a reasonable fee.
• Convenience: You can eliminate the need to select individual securities for a portfolio. Professional fund managers can tailor it for you, creating a managed fund with a specific investment objective.
• Access a range of asset classes: Gain access to assets that individual investors often cannot access due to a lack of market access or financial limitations.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments, also known as non-traditional investments, are generally defined as assets that fall outside the realm of traditional investments such as shares, bonds and cash. They encompass a wide range of investments including private equity, private credit, hedge funds, digital assets and physical assets.

Benefits of including alternative assets in an investment portfolio include:

• Diversification: Alternative investments often have low or negative correlations with traditional assets, helping to reduce overall portfolio risk and enhance returns.
• Potential for higher returns: Often, these investments can offer higher returns than traditional investments, especially during periods of market volatility.
• Inflation protection: Some alternative investments, such as commodities, can provide a hedge against inflation.
We recommend you speak with your Private Wealth Adviser about whether alternative investments are suitable for you. The benefits must be weighed up against some potentially disadvantageous characteristics in terms of liquidity, higher fees and risk, reduced regulation and increased complexity.

Ords maintains an approved list of alternative investments that aims to provide access to some of the best quality alternative managers across key asset classes. Due to characteristics of these alternatives, many of the funds are only accessible by Sophisticated and Professional investors.

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With a wealth of available investment options, partner with Ords to design your diversified portfolio

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