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Maximise your non-profit’s power to do good through prudent investing. Working alongside you, our expert team can tailor your organisation’s wealth strategy to mirror your short and long-term financial goals - so you can amplify your positive impact on the world.

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As economic pressures rise and the costs for Australian households increase, charities and foundations face financial challenges to attract donors and raise critical funds to support their mission.

Staggeringly, 72% of non-profit organisations in Australia use outdated investment policies, which can significantly hinder their financial growth and ability to make a lasting impact. At Ords, we work with charities to implement a robust investment policy and asset allocation framework that readily provides access to cash for short-term program needs, whilst building income and capital over time to support long-term sustainability.

We also partner with organisations that can help grow your impact, such as social impact measurement company, Huber Social.


At Ord Minnett, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist charities and not-for-profit organisations, which we’ve been doing for more than 40 years. We can help maximise returns on financial assets whilst minimising risk, taking into account long-term strategic plans, short-term needs, ethical investing and cash flow requirements.

Investment Policy & Strategy

At the outset, our advisers gather sufficient detail to ensure we are fully informed regarding your organisation’s income requirements, liquidity, capital growth and risk tolerance. We also update your Investment Policy and Strategy prior to providing specific advice. Once we ascertain all the relevant specific investment criteria, Ord Minnett will construct a tailored investment portfolio that seeks to achieve your goals and requirements.

Research & Portfolio Construction

To maximise the potential to earn strong returns for our for-purpose clients, Ords utilises a wide range of financial expertise, including asset allocation, portfolio management, wholesale bond and fixed income specialists.

Our team can tailor your portfolio based on your organisation’s needs and risk profile. Ords has a clear philosophy on investing in businesses with strong balance sheets, which seeks to generate suitable financial returns without increasing the overall investment risk of the portfolio.

Our investment approach is “top-down” and “bottom-up”, overlayed with extensive knowledge of socially responsible investing (SRI).

Ord Minnett offers seven portfolios for charities and foundations, providing different asset allocation exposures depending upon your organisation’s short to long-term goals and risk appetite. Learn more about our portfolios here.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) provides an opportunity to invest ethically. It’s a strategy designed to invest in the long-term prosperity of Australian companies, and for those who wish to take into consideration a company’s environmental, governance and social impacts.

We actively assist our clients to invest in a socially conscious or “ethical” manner. Since 2015, Ord Minnett has been running a Responsible Equities Portfolio for clients to ensure portfolios favour socially responsible businesses. In addition, we actively advise clients with tailored portfolios to choose investments that encourage good corporate stewardship, consumer and environmental protection, diversity and human rights.

Financial Stewardship

The combination of Ord Minnett’s philanthropic experience with charities and not-for-profit organisations, and our expertise in investment markets strategically positions us to provide expert advice on your investment strategy.

Our team will prioritise the following key areas to ensure strong and suitable investments are made for your organisation:

  • Understanding the risk appetite of the organisation
  • Quantifying your goals
  • Ascertaining any specific needs, for example cash flow and/or long service leave provisions
  • Providing ‘Board ready’ documentation on investment policy
  • Structuring and delivering full and comprehensive portfolio management reporting necessary for compliance and audit purposes, to the appropriate staff member in a timely manner; and
  • Providing reporting for presentation at Board level, as required

Investment Management Services

Ord Minnett’s in-house team of investment specialists enable us to provide charities and not-for-profit organisations with a holistic and integrated service offering, leading to a more streamlined and cost-effective experience. Key capabilities include:

Portfolio Administration & Reporting Service (PARS)

Our Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service (PARS) is a core portfolio management service that provides clear, accurate and timely investment portfolio administration, and via its administrative capabilities, allows your organisation and your Ords adviser to manage investments more effectively.

The key features of PARS include:

  • Portfolio Reviews and Reporting
  • 24/7 online access to portfolio valuations, research reports, investment recommendations and more
  • Quarterly and annual reporting, summarising portfolio transactions and performance, in addition to providing summaries for tax purposes
  • Access to special offers such as IPOs, structured investment products and hedge funds

Wholesale Bond Service

The Ord Minnett Wholesale Bond desk can provide our for-purpose clients with direct access to the wholesale bond market, individually tailoring predictable income returns, while lowering the risk to investment capital. A diversified wholesale bond portfolio can provide a known return and enhance the security of your overall investment portfolio capital, diversity and cash flow.

Cash account and term deposit services

Ord Minnett also provides you with access to a wide range of approved deposit-taking financial institutions in Australia, with terms from one month to five years, all covered by the Australian Government Guarantee on deposits.

What sets our Responsible Equities Portfolio apart is the dedication from our research team to ensure the companies we invest in achieve the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that we and our clients desire, while providing strong financial returns. We continually review our investments and seek to improve our ESG commitment wherever possible.

Simon Kent-Jones, Head of Private Client Research


Our passion for the Not-for-Profit/for-purpose sector runs beyond assisting charities and organisations directly. Ord Minnett employees operate and donate to a charitable fund, which hand picks organisations around Australia and the world to support all year round.


With an inhouse research team of over 50 experienced investment specialists and research analysts, Ord Minnett can provide charitable organisations with tailored investment solutions across funds management, asset allocation, equities, fixed interest and alternative investments.

Strategic Alliance

Our experience with Not-for- Profits/for-purpose clients has enabled us to build a network of reputable, professional service providers in the charity sector that we can connect you with, to help you enhance your organisation. Our partners include Philanthropy Australia, Australian Philanthropic Services, Huber Social and ShareGift Australia.

Giving Back

We know the importance of walking the talk, especially when it comes to giving back. Ords & our employees are proudly engaged in charitable giving in a variety of ways.

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